Monday, 9 January 2012



I felt so sad when this one of my friends of mine died last friday.

He died because of complications after having a major injury in his head, and quite so sad since how come this friend of mine had a mild stroke, then an uncured boil then a head injury end up this?

 But then, Reyson Sanchez seemed to be as if sleeping in his final appearance.

It was last Friday when I got the news about his death. His sister said that if no one had to support for the internment, he ought to be cremated on Monday, but lucky that Reyson's friends ought to support from the casket to the coming burial (is it Sunday or Friday?) that somehow meant giving dignity to a good friend despite being poor.


Requiescat in pace my friend.

Solvent kids

Solvent kids

At first look, they are seemingly as if enjoying drinking mineral water, but obviously they are sniffing solvent as their bottles point at their noses.

Like their adult counterparts, these kids seemingly enjoying the scent of solvent penetrating their heads. Reminiscent of Opium dens long ago,  they lie down and sniff many times thinking that sniffing solvent, glue is as if a  means to escape from their problem, a trying hard recreational drug that made these people compel to steal all just to buy these and do the same cycle till their minds dry out.

And by the way, how come there's no Policeman to grab these kids and be rehabilitated? 

QUIAPO II (The Feast of the Black Nazarene)

QUIAPO II (The Feast of the Black Nazarene)

These pictures feature the events related to yesterday's feast of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo Manila. 

Famous for its people pulling the rope from the carriage carrying the statue of thy Lord Jesus, most people tend to pull the rope or having Towels or handkerchiefs be hurled to the marshals and escorts guarding the Black Nazarene with requests to wipe these on the statue in hopes of the miraculous powers attributed to it "rubbing off" on the cloth articles from every devotees.

It somehow reflect the religiousity, or perhaps the fanaticism of a Christian Filipino as its devotees wear the colour maroon, associated with the image, going barefoot, and pull the ropes or have their towels wipe in the statue they have called blessed.

Sorry if I haven't got a pic of the actual scene of the sea of people desperately wanting to reach the Nazarene despite the injuries on that day. But in these pictures showed how Quiapo treats a solemn event like a fiesta to be celebrated like any other festival done in honor of a patron.