Thursday, 15 December 2011

"A Christmas instrumental"

"A Christmas Instrumental" 

Well, it's too common to call it "A Christmas Carol", and since they play instruments without singing, instead I called it as "A Christmas Instrumental."

In fact, I sought these two people yesterday in Cartimar Recto, that instead of the usual drum and tambourine Christmas Caroling, The other played a drum, but one of them played a violin to the tunes of Christmas Carols they remember most. I then took some pictures as well as asked the violin player who trained her.

The player said that she's been taught by her aunt how to play the violin. And it seemed that it is very rare to see poor people playing instruments such as a violin since most rather play the drum and lyre and horn during  a holiday such as a town fiesta. 

Perhaps despite having few people playing strange instruments being called as "for rich people", there are others willing to play in it-even in dreams.