Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"QUIAPO: where everybody sleeps in the street at night"

where everybody sleeps in the street at night" 

I was going to the DVD stall at night when I sought these strange people sleeping or lying in the concrete sidewalk at night. 

These people, obviously consists of beggars and hobos, are most likely trying to keep them survive by begging, or even trying to escape by sniffing glue or solvent-that some are even had eyes red out of its effects and attitudes that others ought to think of them as antisocial. 

Sadly to say, but in this fast changing world most are becoming escapists out of disorders such as depression; that made them compel to escape from their houses, living in the sidewalks, begging, sniffing glue or solvent, or even stealing that made Quiapo notorious for having thieves searching for prey.  

And it makes me wonder why the City government didn't send these people to poorhouses under the Department of Social Welfare and Development since these poor fellows are sleeping, begging, or sniffing glue in the sidewalks of Quiapo both at dawn and at dark. 

Supposedly, I was trying to take a picture of that old woman sitting at the left side,
but as I approached her and start taking, she sought me and strongly said, "why are you taking pictures?"
I simply walked away in order to prevent a disaster.

This was shot before I took on a bus and ride home. 
Most of them are having a chitchat, or preparing for their sleep. 
I ought to be in a discreet mode as means of vigilance
 (since Quiapo, in an ordinary person's perspective is a den of thieves 
as well as for these people not to be disturbed.)

This was shot near Times theatre in Quiapo, again in a discreet mode.